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“Saturn” – Auspicious or Inauspicious

Everybody is afraid of the wrath of Saturn. Is Saturn always harmful for everybody? No, it is not like that; rather, it is a planet whose impact can be known in advance and if one propitiates then its maleficience can be reduced substantially.

Contrary to it is highly difficult to change the malefic impact of other planets like Rahu, Jupiter or Venus. It is correct that Saturn is very harmful if malefic but if it is benefic then a beggar can also become a king. Since the inauspiciousness of Saturn can be reduced therefore it is worshipped extensively.

To whom does it give good or bad results? Being the lord of 11th for a moveable lagna it is badhak for Aries ascendant. For Taurus ascendant also being lord of 9th for fixed lagna it is badhak and does not produce very good results in spite of being the lord of Kendra and Trikona house of horoscope.

It is average for Gemini and Virgo ascendant, inauspicious for Cancer and Leo but yields average results for Leo. It is a yogakarka planet for Libra ascendant and brings material comforts, peace and prosperity in its major and sub periods. It produces ordinary results for Scorpio and Sagittarius. Auspicious for Capricorn but slight inauspicious for Aquarius. For Pisces it is not inauspicious.

According to Uttarkalamrita the sub period of Saturn in major period of Venus is important. This period yields opposite results when Saturn is Yogakaraka but one gets auspicious results if it is weak.

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