Vedic calculations are used to provide accurate astrology readings & Your Birthplace, Time, & Date


when you only need an immediate response to a question

At the moment of the query, the chart will be created. when a question first arises.

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Your Life Can Be Changed By One Good Reading.

Look through our collection of astrologers who have experience in every aspect of life! To find out which astrologers are knowledgeable in the areas that most interest you, click on any of the categories listed below.


Make peace with the love you already have or get ready to meet someone new.


Events, celebrations, and new activities should be timed to align with the stars.


Consider where you would be successful while deciding where to reside.


Through difficulties, support your physical and emotional well-being.


Better manage your time between your family, career, and relationships.


Recognize your life's purpose and go towards it.


Enhance your contact with Spirit while developing your growth.


Develop your special talent and move closer to your objectives.


Make wise financial decisions and investments.


Making an Appointment For an Astrology Reading is Simpler Than Ever!

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Choose your astrologer from the list below, or let us find the best match for you. They cover numerous languages and time zones.

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Need Help Picking Your Astrologer?

We got your back! To locate the ideal astrologer for you (and your query), just take our Matchmaking Quiz.

Three easy steps can be taken to schedule your reading:

1. By selecting the button below and responding to a few easy questions, you can choose the best astrologer.

2. Select between planned and on-demand readings. 

3. To communicate with your astrologer in real time, choose between texting, calling, or video chatting.

- J. Thorne
- J. Thorne
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"Since beginning my consultations with Elodie, I have gained a huge amount of insight, clarity, and connection related to how my chart and astrological events impact and inform my path. Elodie's empathy, expertise, generosity of spirit, and deep commitment to sharing her knowledge in meaningful and authentic ways has changed my life."
- Rachel
- Rachel
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"I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for my incredible Venus signature reading yesterday. I knew my mind was going to be blown and it was!"
- Halla M
- Halla M
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"I participated in Nura’s Integrative Astro-Mentoring and it was a wonderful experience. I became reinvigorated and more confident in my own personal astrology practice."


We provide a complete money-back guarantee since we are so sure you'll enjoy your reading. If you're not completely happy with your reading, you can ask for a refund within 24 hours, and we'll give it to you in full.


Give the Gift of Cosmic Wisdom!

A top-notch astrology consultation is beneficial for looking back on the past and making plans for the future – ideal for birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries!

You may give a reading on Astrologer Connect as a present for any occasion. Simply choose the astrologer, and we’ll email the gift recipient to schedule their reading when you tell us to (we won’t spoil the surprise 🤫 ).

About Us

As the first astrology-only reading platform in the world, we can...

  • Engage the top astrologers.
  • The best astrology possible should be provided.
  • Use astrology as a tool to explore deeply and broadly.
  • Be a world citizen and linguist.

We're 100% online.

  • As a result, you can easily communicate with your astrologer at your convenience.
  • There are several time zones where we are accessible.

We have a stringent application process for all of our astrologers.

We only work with astrologers who meet at least two of the following requirements and whom we know and trust:


They have at least three years of professional astrological experience (and some have even more than 25!)

They have been discussed on our most popular podcast.

Four members of our team and community, serve as personal mentors and advisers.

They are accredited by reputable astrological education programs.

On our platform, they worked as instructors.


Benefits of Booking on Astrologer Connect:


Find reputable, experienced astrologers in one location.


Access astrologers who are specially qualified to respond to your particular question.


Easily schedule a future reading or get in touch with your astrologer right away.


Use video, audio, or chat to connect in a way that works for you.


You can test a reading risk-free because there is a money-back guarantee.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

You must first create a profile on in order to schedule a reading. To view our roster of the best astrologers, choose "Astrologers" from your profile's left-hand menu. The astrologer you want to make a reservation will appear when you click 'View Profile' next to their name. 


Our astrologers offer scheduled readings between 30 minutes to over an hour! You will be able to select your preference when booking. You can also have an instant reading, as long as there is an astrologer available at the time. This type of reading starts at 1 minute and can go as long as you want.


YES! Some of our astrologers are available for instant readings. The astrologer’s profile on on our website will tell you if they are available for instant readings or just appointments.


Our astrologers offer different services based on their specialties. They all do natal chart readings, but if you are looking for something more specialized like a medical, horary, or electional reading we suggest browsing through our astrologers to see what is available to you.


You can absolutely book a follow-up appointment with the astrologers. At this time, we do not offer packages but hope to be able to do so in the future!


In general, your astrologer can answer questions about any area of your life including your health, career, relationships, life purpose, timing, best places to live, etc. Once you book your reading, we’ll send you a list of typical questions you can ask to get you started! 

And remember, at the end of the day, YOU are the ultimate guide for yourself! Skilled Astrologers can help at clarifying, guiding, and confirming, but always check everything against your own guidance system to make sure it resonates with you. Never give your power away.


A good astrologer will never tell you what to do but can provide advice on how to navigate energies coming your way. It’s important to remember that the astrology chart can tell us a lot of information, but is not a crystal ball. The outcomes of the energies will be a result of the decisions you make, which is why advice on how to participate in your birth chart are more helpful than definitive answers.


We know that getting an astrology reading is an intimate experience and we want to make sure you have the best, most honoring experience possible! To help you feel prepared and ready to meet your astrologer and get the most out of your reading, we’ll send you a detailed list of simple things you can do to be prepared after you’ve booked your reading.


Even if you do not know your exact birth time, there is still a lot of insight an astrologer can give from your birth chart and it’s still worth consulting an astrologer. If you're looking for birth chart rectification (asking an astrologer to determine an approximate time of birth), you'll need to consult an astrologer that specializes in this. 


We carefully select professional astrologers that our team has intimate experience with and who also have excellent reviews from members of our community. We look for astrologers who have a sound technical background and are strongly intuitive, who are compassionate and empowering, and who we have direct experience working with as teachers and guides at Astrology Hub. Some of the astrologers we work with are well-known in the field and others are less publicly known but equally solid in their ability to interpret your chart. We have selected astrologers that we trust to provide you with a safe, honoring, and supportive experience.


​​While most of the astrologers on our current roster are western astrologers, they have a diverse range of disciplinary focus including evolutionary, shamanic, holistic health, traditional, and transdisciplinary.


Currently, we are limiting our team to a small group of hand-selected astrologers. In the future, we will open an application process for astrologers we may be less aware of currently, but who are wonderful nonetheless! We also plan to create a training and mentorship program for people who are interested in becoming astrologers and participating in Astrology Hub’s Astrologer Connect reading services. If you’re interested in participating in the future, please email us at


Yes! All you need to do is select the astrologer, select “Gift A Reading” during booking, and the giftee will receive an email when you tell us to send it (we won't ruin the surprise 🤫) to schedule their reading.


All scheduled readings have a 24-hour cancellation policy. 


Need More Clarification?

Take our astrology matching quiz to find the ideal astrologer for you.

It is perfectly tailored to your level of astrology knowledge, the results you want from the reading, and even your particular time zone.