Health Vastu Report

"A healthy body is the guest-chamber of the soul; a sick, its prison."

Being healthy is of prime importance in life. No doubt money is important, but your health is even more valuable. Everyday, your ability to go to work – waking up early in the morning and able to drive to work, is all due to your good health. Without a healthy body, you do not have any earning potential! Being ill or not feeling well can drastically affect your work. But minor ups & downs in health are part of life but one should make every effort to avoid and beware of the major ones. Obviously, if one feels physically and mentally healthy, then only he/she can be more productive, as well as happier in life.

Many of times, in a run of earning money, we forget that Work is only one part of our life. You won’t be able to enjoy all aspects of your life and live a long, productive and enjoyable life without good health. Disease or illness can really mean a downturn in our lives, but if one is pre-aware of the coming possibilities, one can be more conscious and active so that he/she can easily prevent serious medical problems and help oneself live a healthy life. Vedic astrology has the power to reveal those critical phases of our lives and our birth chart has the ability to denote the health falls that we can face in near future. So, know the possibilities of bad health prevailing in your life and judge the critical years of your life in next 15 years, with respect to health?