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‘Yogas in Astrology’ That Are Extremely Powerful

Yoga simply means a ‘Union’. In Vedic Astrology, a Yoga is referred to as a special planetary union formed by conjunction of certain planets in the same house or through placement in different houses.

Some of these Yogas in Astrology are extremely positive for an individual and some are just the opposite. All planets provide specific types of results to an individual as per their placement in the individual’s horoscope.

However, once the planets form a certain Yoga then the whole picture changes and the individual experiences some pretty strong planetary effects in his/her life.

Planets provide very strong results once they form a Yoga in the horoscope, simply because their interaction with specific planets in specific houses yield highly powerful results in the life of a native.

Let us look at some Yogas that are very carefully analyzed while reading a horoscope in Vedic Astrology because they have the potential of considerably changing the trajectory of a person’s life.

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